Welcome to the Muddy Market

We're a local market that's ready to serve you in Yarmouth, ME

Every amazing homecooked meal starts with delicious ingredients. At the Muddy Rudder, we pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients and serving delicious, gourmet meals. Now, you can use those same ingredients in your own dishes or take some of our most beloved menu items home to enjoy. Attached to the Muddy Rudder, our local market is just a quick step away from our restaurant space.

Visit our Yarmouth, ME location today to buy fresh ingredients for your next meal.

Carrying all the fresh ingredients you need

Carrying all the fresh ingredients you need

The Muddy Market is a local market that sells the same high-quality ingredients and prepared food items we serve at the Muddy Rudder. At our market, you'll find:

  • Meats
  • Baked goods
  • Fresh seafood

To keep our offerings fresh and interesting, we change out the inventory daily. You can visit our Facebook page to see what's in stock, browse our current offerings and suggest an item you'd like to see on our shelves.

Stop by the Muddy Market today to pick up flavorful, fresh seafood for your next meal.